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  1. Anchor : The dive Anchor Reef is named after an old anchor left from long forgotten merchant ships.
  2. Aquarium : While diving the huge hollow boulder at dive site Aquarium you are literally surrounded with hundreds of fish.
  3. Atlantis : As with Atlantis, not much is known about this offshore deep reef.
  4. Bass City : Dive site Bass City is diving on top of five similar sea mounds surrounded in aquatic life.
  5. Checkers : Dive site Checkers is the residence of a huge potato bass named Scar Face.
  6. Cloudbreak : Cloud Break is a deep flat reef, only dived with the right conditions, perfect for advanced divers throughout the year.
  7. Creche : The Crèche is aptly named since it is diving with hundreds of juvenile fish often succeeded by tens of dive trainees.
  8. Doodles : The house reef of Ponta do Ouro is Doodles offering a wide variety of fish, underwater topography and suitable for all level of divers.
  9. Kev's Ledge : Dive site Kev's Ledge offers a mini wall of 6 meter high with many different species of bigger fish.
  10. Mavericks :
  11. Paradise Ledge :
  12. Pinnacles : The Pinnacles is a dive site 5km offshore situated in unpredictable current conditions but always with loads of fish.
  13. Shallow Malongane : The reef Shallow Malongane is a great in coral covered dive site known for its juvenile species.
  14. Steps : The 4km long reef Steps makes for excellent drift diving when current are strong enough.
  15. Steve's Ledge : Steve's Ledge is a nice relaxed coral dive with enough fish and invertebrates to make it beautiful.
  16. Texas : The huge coral reef Texas is known for its colorful corals, excellent caves and many tiny creatures.
  17. Three Sisters : Three Sisters is a small dive site created from several rocky outcroppings and plenty of marine life.
  18. Wayne's World : Wayne's World is a deep reef with a great swimthrough and popular for game fish and resident potato bass.
  1. Amazon :
  2. Barra Lagoon :
  3. Buddies Reef :
  4. Chamber of Secrets :
  5. Coloseum :
  6. Cresh : If you are interested in plenty of different species of juvenile fish, dive site Cresh is the place to dive.
  7. Giants Castle :
  8. Grottos : There are plenty of holes, nooks and cracks inside Grotto Reef to create hiding spots for many different species of fish.
  9. Guinjata Bay : Guinjata Bay, Jangamo Bay and Paindane are a few locations south of Inhambane known throughout the world for its close proximity to the Manta Reef dive site.
    1. Batfish Pinnacle : Batfish Pinnacle is a single coral head named after the many schools of batfish that live here.
    2. Caves & Playgrounds : The dive site Caves and Playgrounds is great for any diver, plenty of reef fish, swimmthroughs and hiding spots.
    3. Devils Peak : Devils Peak is diving with some of the flamboyant species such as ghost pipefish and frogfish.
    4. Disneyland, Tombstone : Disneyland and Tombstone are two new deep dive sites known for their pelagic action and fish density.
    5. Guinjata Local Reef : Guinjata Local Reef
    6. Hard Rock : Hard Rock is one of Mozambique's richest dives with a wide array of colorful marine species.
    7. Paindane Reef : Paindane Reef is a great dive with game fish, sharks and other pelagic on the current side and reef fish on the calmer side,
    8. Pao Rock : Pao Rock is a great dive site for macro photography as well as face to face encounters with reef sharks.
  10. Klipfontein : Mozambique Klipfontein Wreck near Pria de Zavora
  11. Manta Reef : Manta Reef is one of Mozambique's best and youngest dive reefs famous for its many mantas.
  12. Mike's Cupboard :
  13. Office :
  14. Praia da Rocha, Beach of Rocks :
  15. Salon :
  16. Sherwood Forest :
  17. Simon's Town :
  18. Stalin : The deeper, more advanced dive site Stalin, offers plenty of marine life in hiding places and small caves for those who search for it.
    1. Cabo Sao Sebastian : The further and deeper reefs of Cabo Sao Sebastian are well known for experienced divers and its phenomenal coral formations.
      1. Baluba Reef : For accessible caverns and gulleys you should dive the relatively flat dive site Baluba Reef.
    2. Linene Reef : The marine life while diving Linene Reef is rich offering a fantastic cave at 22 meters of depth.
    3. Lobster Pot : Lobster Pot is an interesting spot to find plenty of marine life including lobsters.
    4. Margaruque Reef : Margaruque Reef is a shallow reef perfect for snorkelers with a wall dropping down from the surface to ten meter deep.
    5. Marlin Pinnacle : The deep Marlin Pinnacle is known for its many pelagic fish, turtles, mantas and diversity of shark species.
    6. Two-Mile Reef : Two Mile Reef is a great barrier reef with excellent shallow corals and fish on the inside and exciting dives on the seaward site.
      1. Gap : The Gap is a steep with pelagic filled wall dive also common for different species of sharks.
        1. Pemba Dive House Reef :