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The Bazaruto Archipelago is one of the world's richest marine parks well preserved and excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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The Bazaruto Archipelago consists of a set of five islands located north of mainland Vilanculos. The islands are named Bangue, Margaruque known as Paradise Island, Benguerra (Ben Guerra), Santa Carolina and Bazaruto. To the southeast is a small peninsular known as San Sebastian which offers excellent dive sites as well, especially on the seaward side. The complete Bazaruto Archipelago has been marked as Bazaruto Archipelago National Park in 2001, protecting its wildlife and stunning underwater sea life. These amazing subtropical islands are considered vital for the global conservation of marine life.

Besides scuba diving, Bazaruto can offer thrilling wildlife excursions for spotting freshwater crocodiles, thousands of birds, antelope, the samango monkey and snakes. The many sand dunes, inland saline lakes and woodlands provide excellent habitats for bird species. The waters are rich in game fish including black marlin (especially Oct-Jan), sailfish, tuna and bonefish, a popular fly fishing species. The nearby mainland town of Vilanculos offers all kinds of trips, accommodations and tours. You can book a tour with a traditional dhow fishing boat, which are still used up to today in the north and more remote locations.

The warm turquoise waters around Bazaruto are extremely rich in marine and coral life. Pristine healthy coral reefs, white beaches, palm trees and azure waters make it one of the world's best scuba holiday destinations. Whilst diving, you can see barracudas, potato bass, cods, mackerel, Moorish idols and huge lobsters. Besides these more common species, you can spot the gracious manta ray, playful common, spinner and bottlenose dolphins, plenty of turtles that love the white beaches of Bazaruto to lay and hatch their eggs and the endangered protected dugong or sea cow that dwells on sea grass beds. The whale shark season is from April to July, June is when the famous Sardine Run starts and humpback whales are migrating this part of the Indian Ocean between August and October. There are many other superb scuba diving locations around the Bazaruto Archipelago, perfect for snorkelers and divers as well.

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