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Diving at dive site Chamber of Secrets

Name Dive Site:Chamber of Secrets
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This is a serious quality dive for those of you that love testing your buoyancy skills and getting in to tight spots. The reef is shaped like a massive double-walled horseshoe and on either side the walls reach a height of about 7m high. On the sand it is 21m deep and on the top it varies between 14m and 16m. We drop onto the left side of this reef and you have two choices: you can circle the two huge boulders that spring up from the floor, all the while checking the sand for Bluespotted, Whip-tail and Blue Stingrays and looking at the vast array of colour that covers these boulders. Or you can head into the chamber, a huge gully that encircles the entire horseshoe, and has, in all, six wicked swim thru's. Make sure you look around you and under all the ledges and overhangs for Morays, Scorpionfish, Devil Firefish and brightly coloured Nudibranchs. Head off down the tunnels single file never knowing what is around the next corner. This dive site is so much fun and a brilliant test of your diving skill! Then at the southern end to finish off the dive there is a big, big archway, with Trumpet and Surgeon fish all swimming in, out and around with all the other usual reef fish.

General info: This is a fantastic dive and lots of fun too. However if there is surge we may suggest another site.

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