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Diving at dive site Giants Castle

Name Dive Site:Giants Castle
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This reef earned its name, when every creature spotted here was twice the size than normal! So be ready for encounters with huge Potato Bass, Moray's and massive Manta's (bigger than Mother from Manta Reef!) at the cleaning stations.

The reef is a 7m high wall that runs for 300metres and because of the currents, can be an excellent and exciting drift dive. The top of the wall is at 27m and has ledges, overhangs and little craters, which hide smaller geometric and white mouth morays. The top of the wall is decorated at various intervals by delicate green tree corals providing refuge to lots of sea goldies. Lobster, Surgeon and Scorpion fish are in abundance too. And look out for rarely noticed, large Frogfish. Ascents can be a bit special too so look out for game fish such as Barracuda and Kingfish and Devil rays on the way up.

General Info:The current at this site is predominantly north/south, but can reverse as well and quite quick, therefore divers need to be quite competent at negative entry and drift diving procedures.

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