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The Pinnacles is a dive site 5km offshore situated in unpredictable current conditions but always with loads of fish.

Name Dive Site:Pinnacles
Depth: 32-37m (104-121ft)
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Dive site the Pinnacles is best dived during summer when the reef comes alive. You will spot shoals of game fish, Pickhandle Barracuda, King Mackerel, Ignobilis Kingfish, and Wahoo to name just a few. They congregate on the reef attracting the different shark species, such as the Bull Shark, the Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, the Dusky and occasionally the Tiger Shark.

There are no pinnacles as such but there are two ledges with an old anchor and chain draped along the inshore one. There are big boulders between both ledges and you can see the odd Honey Combed Moray Eel, schooling Bannerfish, Potato Bass, Goldies etc. In the mid water you can be sure to see Manta Ray, Spotted Eagle Ray and maybe even a Sailfish or two. Although this kind of activity is normal for the Pinnacles, it can be very unpredictable and very quiet on other days. Because this reef is 5 km out to sea the currents and the visibility can be very different to the inshore reefs.

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- Kaya Kweru Resort, Plot 385, Ponta D'ouro

Kaya Kweru Resort

Kaya Kweru Resort
+258 21 75 84 03
 Plot 385
Ponta D'ouro

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