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Diving at dive site Mike's Cupboard

Name Dive Site:Mike's Cupboard
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This is a huge plinth of rock that comes up from the sand at 17m to the top at 14m. It would be quite flat if it wasn't for the huge craters or potholes that have been gouged out of the rock, giving this dive some incredible topography to cover.

Our drop is onto the first pothole, which is about 5m wide. In here is a boulder that you can swim around while looking at the nine or so Flutemouth fish that live here. From this hole we swim to the next giant crater which is about 3m deep, in here you see all the usual tropical reef fish, from snappers to lizardfish, but also look out for the Crocodile fish, which are nicely camouflaged around the ledges. Look under overhangs for Devil Firefish and Box banded shrimp, and beneath one of the many swim thru ledges, lives a loggerhead turtle. Inside a small hole surrounded by leather coral, there are four black cheek morays that seem to have a special relationship with the juvenile goldies they protect and the colourful assortment of soft coral dotting the whole area makes you think that Mike has dropped his clothes all over his cupboard!

There is also always a huge shoal of fusiliers that hover over the reef, which get chased almost into a bait ball when the resident gang of Bluefin Kingfish come charging through like a band of thugs. This is a fantastic dive that can be nice and slow but with action everywhere, and we've also seen dolphins on scuba here.

General info: We can usually dive this reef in a current because we can hide in the potholes, however lots of surge can reduce visibility dramatically, and we may suggest another site in big swells.

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