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Robert Forrester
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The 4km long reef Steps makes for excellent drift diving when current are strong enough.

Name Dive Site:Steps
Depth: 12-16m (39-52ft)
Inserted/Added by: devoceandiving

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Steps is about 13m on the top and cascades into a variety of overhangs and cracks at 16m on the sand. This reef is quite thin (10 to 20m), but runs for about 4km along the inside of Ponta Do Ouro Bay. Its length makes it an ideal drift dive on days when the current is strong. The reef has a way of thinning and opening-up so that when you dive it you are met with sections where not much happens and other sections where it is just a buzz of activity.

Natal Knifejaw, Cave Bass, Green Job Fish and Sailfin Leaf Fish are some of the species that can be encountered here. Blue Spot and Brown Ribbon Tail Rays lie basking in the sand while the odd Devil Ray flirts across the fringes of this reef. Although this is a sand stone reef, the passage of the ages has allowed a variety of coral and sponges to make this reef their home. Two or three Sea Anemones have also found homes here and hide the territorial Twobar and Nose Strip Clownfish in their waving arms. Eels are in abundance and an oscillated Snake Eel may be encountered.

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