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Robert Forrester
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Dive site Checkers is the residence of a huge potato bass named Scar Face.

Name Dive Site:Checkers
Depth: 15-18m (49-59ft)
Inserted/Added by: devoceandiving

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The variety of fish species on the reef Checkers is astounding. The elusive Pineapple and Frogfish have been spotted here. Clouds of blue-banded Snappers, Sea Goldies and Yellow Back Fusiliers greet the diver on arrival at the reef. Rays are frequent visitors to this reef and if you are lucky you might see a Giant Sand Shark. While Butterfly Fish play in the reef, Spade and Batfish pass overhead. It will not take too long into your dive before you meet "scar-face" the resident Potato Bass, who will be watching everybody closely for the remainder of your dive. The topography of the southern end of Checkers ensures that no diver will become bored (if there is such a thing) on this section of the reef.

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