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Diving at dive site Barra Lagoon

Name Dive Site:Barra Lagoon
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This is a very, very special place for us, and a completely different dive to any you'll experience out to sea. When we take divers here, they usually have a 90-minute dive and still don't want to come out! It is a paradise for macro photographers and good buoyancy skills are essential, because of this sites sensitivity.

We dive a small area of the lagoon at slack low tide, it is only 4m deep and at first just looks like an oyster shell bed, but if you stop and watch, you notice that there is movement everywhere. This place is like a nursery with juvenile broad barred and devil firefish, baby long horn cowfish, and emperor angelfish, paperfish, flounder and the rarely seen Pipefish! I could go on and on! One of the best things about this place though is the promise of seeing Sea Horses, they are quite big here and are usually found wrapped around a colourful sea fan. There have also been extremely rare Dugongs seen swimming along the channels, we also have pictures of creatures we've never seen before and have had trouble identifying, please help us! (include photo's) Here we also conduct night dives when the tide is right and this opens up another world and more mystery, sea hares now cover the floor, the urchins are dazzlingly bright and the octopus more confident.

General info: Because of the fragility of this dive environment and the sea horses (kicked up sand particles can cause them to go blind), we only take experienced divers or we ask that you complete a Peak Performance Buoyancy course with us before you dive this site. We can only dive here when the tide is right, and we also conduct night dives and Barra Lagoon distinctive specialities at this unique place.

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