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Diving at dive site Paradise Ledge

Name Dive Site:Paradise Ledge
Depth: 9-17m (29-55ft)
Inserted/Added by: devoceandiving

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Paradise Ledge is a large reef with a depth of 9 to 17 meters. It is predominantly a rocky reef, but some coral species can be found here. As the shallow parts of this reef tend towards the flat and bland side, the best place to dive is on the seaward side. Here the reef slopes into the sand with a variety of cracks and overhangs. On days when the current is strong this reef makes a perfect drift dive, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Red Fang Triggerfish are in abundance on Paradise Ledge and one sees them everywhere in mid water going about their business of keeping competitors out of their territory, even the odd diver gets helped along if they stray into his territory.

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- Kaya Kweru Resort, Plot 385, Ponta D'ouro

Kaya Kweru Resort

Kaya Kweru Resort
+258 21 75 84 03
 Plot 385
Ponta D'ouro

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