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Information about many dive sites which have been listed but which have not been activated.

We have many dive sites listed in our database, but for some we don't have any information yet. We would appreciate any help so email us your text (don't forget to mention to which dive site it belongs) if you have been diving at the spots below and would like to write about it. You can also add a new dive site if your dive spot isn't listed at our website yet.

Ponta do Ouro

Blacks, Bread Loaf, Brent's Ridge, Fingers, Lighthouse, Malongane Ledge, Rianna's Arch, Ridge, Turtle Creek

Manta Coast

Buraco do Diablo, Coral Gardens, Lego, Turtle Creek, Lions Den, Serengeti, Skylight


Bench Mark, Manta Reef, Rappies Playstation, Robs Ridge, Zambia Shoal

Bazaruto Archipelago

Brindle Bass Ridge, Colleseum, Helm's Deep, Tubarao Point, Manta Ray Reef, Potholes, Rainbow Runner Reef, Turtle Ridge, Aquarium, Arches, Boulders, Cathedral, Coral Gardens, Deep Reef, Gap, Powder Box, Shark Point, South Point Reef, Stingray Alley, Surgery, Zenguelema Point


Dolphin Playground, Garden of Eden, Medjumbe Island, Cliffs of Insanity, Dusky Pinnacle, Edge of Reason, Far Side, Joe's Ridge, Laura's Leap, Neptune's Nursery, Quarmby's Reef, Rocha Rocks, Sambi Sambi, Shallow Hal's, Sita's Shallow Reef, Ponta Saide Ali, Pyro Banks, River Mouth