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Shallow Malongane:
The reef Shallow Malongane is a great in coral covered dive site known for its juvenile species.


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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Mozambique.

Manta Reef

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

Experienced Dive Masters will introduce you to the reef's inquisitive Manta Rays and diving protocols to interact with them. If you manage to tear your eyes from the reef, huge schools of Devil Rays can also be seen near the surface. The following can be regularly seen: Giant frog fish, Painted frog fish, Paper fish, Flying gurnetts, Sea moths, Bonded shrimps, Crowned emperor shrimps, Up to 13 species of nudibranchs, Honeycomb eels, Giant moray eels, Long horned box cowfish to mention just a few...


Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Dive site the Gap is located approximately 10 minutes by boat from Wimbe Beach. The Gap is to the right of the main beach area, two thirds the way out to Ponta Maunhane, the right hard tip of land looking out to sea where the continental shelf comes very close to land. About 600m offshore you have an almost sheer drop from 12m-16m down to anywhere between 80m and 120m. This is the area where we see all the big game fish coming through. Species encountered while scuba diving are Zebra Sharks, Gre...

Barra Lagoon

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

This is a very, very special place for us, and a completely different dive to any you'll experience out to sea. When we take divers here, they usually have a 90-minute dive and still don't want to come out! It is a paradise for macro photographers and good buoyancy skills are essential, because of this sites sensitivity.We dive a small area of the lagoon at slack low tide, it is only 4m deep and at first just looks like an oyster shell bed, but if you stop and watch, you notice that there is mov...


Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Mozambiques best wreck, a 10500 ton liner, suitable for qualified and experienced decompression divers, deep enough to keep the muppets off it and not so deep as to require lots of helium! Huge brindle bass, mantas, sharks and schooling pelagic fish. Technical equipment rental and all gas mixtures available nearby. IANTD technical courses run on site....

Simon's Town

Rated 4.5, 2 votes

This reef has stunning topography, with huge pillars of rock coming up 8m from the floor, with lots of surrounding life and colour. Goldies and Wrasse are all around them as well as large shoals of Snappers, Fusiliers, and Bigeyes. The reef has deep gullies and holes that head off in all directions. So you must look in each hole and swim along each gully looking for colourful Nudibranchs, Lizardfish, Flutemouth and Goatfish to name a few. This is a very cool dive for the shoals of game fish, so ...

Two-Mile Reef

Rated 4.3, 3 votes

Two Mile is a barrier reef protecting a narrow channel between the high sand dunes on the south of Bazaruto Island and the long, white beaches of the North Point of Benguerra Island. The north tip of the reef is mid-way between the islands and runs southwards, parallel to Benguerra Island, approximately 4.5 kilometers east of its shore. The top of the reef protrudes from the sea at low tide, and slopes gently towards the east. It is well known for its excellent snorkeling sites inside the reef s...

Chamber of Secrets

Rated 4.0, 1 votes

This is a serious quality dive for those of you that love testing your buoyancy skills and getting in to tight spots. The reef is shaped like a massive double-walled horseshoe and on either side the walls reach a height of about 7m high. On the sand it is 21m deep and on the top it varies between 14m and 16m. We drop onto the left side of this reef and you have two choices: you can circle the two huge boulders that spring up from the floor, all the while checking the sand for Bluespotted, Whip-t...


Rated 1.0, 1 votes

This reef forms a huge amphitheatre, and as the name suggests the things you see here are quite a show. The wall around the side is 10m high, and drops down in ledges and layers. As we drop down, the visibility is usually at least 20m so the feeling of falling into the arena is quite sensational and a bit eerie! Our drop puts us on the western inside edge, and we just swim slowly around, inside, hiding from the current. There is a huge Honeycomb Moray on this reef that we have named Russell the ...