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Robert Forrester
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The reef Shallow Malongane is a great in coral covered dive site known for its juvenile species.

Name Dive Site:Shallow Malongane
Depth: 13-17m (42-55ft)
Inserted/Added by: devoceandiving

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The reef Shallow Malongane starts, on the inshore side, at about 16m and makes its way up to about 13m, before it fades into the sand at 17m on the seaward side. It stretches for about the whole length of the inside of Malongane Bay (about 3km). This whole reef is covered with pristine hard and soft corals. Large areas are covered by Stag Horn Coral. Due to its shallow depth and proximity to the beach, this reef is a perfect playground for Juvenile Fish and game fish alike. Juvenile Pickhandle Barracuda can be seen on the inshore side patrolling for their next catch. Spotted Eagle Rays can also be seen gliding over the sand.

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