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Margaruque Reef is a shallow reef perfect for snorkelers with a wall dropping down from the surface to ten meter deep.

Name Dive Site:Margaruque Reef
Depth: 6-14m (19-45ft)
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GPS:S21°57'46.5 ", E35°25'35.4"

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Margaruque Reef is situated on the north-west side of the picturesque island, Margaruque. At low tide the top of the reef is out of water and drops off in a wall to a sandy channel at 10m. Due to its accessibility, it is a popular snorkel site as well as a dive site. The wall is teaming with a huge variety of fish life – large parrot fish, sea goodies, trumpet fish, devil fire fish, butterfly fish and angelfish, to name a few. There are dense shoals of Natal Moonies which form a solid curtain of life and then parts to allow you through and closes up behind you. Octopus hide in the rock crevasse and crayfish feelers can be seen protruding from under ledges. Well camouflaged scorpion fish lie on the wall and can be spotted by the sharp-eyed diver. The base of the wall shelters several types of small rays, lying flat on the sand and shoals of stump nose. There is the possibility of seeing a dolphin or two as they cruise along the channel, close to the island and then, whilst looking towards the channel, there is a sharp rush of adrenalin as there suddenly appears a group of 6 huge brindle bass, about 1,5m in length and 200kg!

At slack tide, or half way between high or low tide, Margaruque is an easy, relaxing dive – good for Open Water Divers and dive students. However, for the more experienced divers, they can have an exciting high speed drift dive at the change of tides on the "Margaruque Express".

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