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While diving the huge hollow boulder at dive site Aquarium you are literally surrounded with hundreds of fish.

Name Dive Site:Aquarium
Depth: 20-25m (65-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: devoceandiving

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The small but amazing reef Aquarium lies in 25 m of water. Although this reef is small it is one of the prettiest reefs in Ponta do Oura. Like Mavericks, it is a large boulder but is hollow inside and on the bottom it has big "windows" to look into. Giant Sea Fans grow on the inside stretching halfway to the top. The outside is covered in Turret Coral and Thistle Soft Coral. Goldies float above the reef almost increasing the size of it while a resident Potato Bass hovers in the hallow reef. Garden Eels dot the ocean floor while a Rockmover Wrasse darts between them.

Small-scattered reef surrounds the main site and there are many interesting creatures that live in it. The cleaner shrimp occupy many of the crevices as do the nasty Black Cheek Eels, small flounder glide along the sandy bottom, Sail Fin Leaf Fish with their "diamond" eyes sway in the movement of the water. In mid water Old Woman Angel Fish attack the bubbles while shoals of Powder-Blue Surgeons shimmer in the rays of light filtering through the ocean.

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