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Robert Forrester
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Three Sisters is a small dive site created from several rocky outcroppings and plenty of marine life.

Name Dive Site:Three Sisters
Depth: 20-25m (65-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: devoceandiving

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Three Sisters is named after three pinnacles about 50 metres apart. The reef is comparable with Aquarium, at least it is as small and has the same abundance of fish life. Garden Eels can be found on the sand to the North of the reef and Geometric, Black Cheek and Moray Eels are found on the "Big sister". The elusive Ghost Pipefish, brown-banded Razor Fish and Long Nose Hawkish have been seen on this reef. Due to the depth and its location on the sea-side of a major reef system, some of the big game fish species have also been encountered here i.e. Sail Fish and even Black Marlin although these sightings are rare.

When the current pushes up from the south, the first reef it encounters is Three Sisters. This turns the reef into a kaleidoscope of color as all the Pencil Strip Surgeons, Red Fang Triggerfish and Old Woman Angel Fish compete for food carried on this current. Three Sisters is one of those dives where the contrast between the darkness of the reef, the white of the sand and the blue Indian Ocean will leave you breathless and wanting to dive there again and again. It is a superb dive site for macro photography.

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