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Robert Forrester
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The dive Anchor Reef is named after an old anchor left from long forgotten merchant ships.

Name Dive Site:Anchor
Depth: 18-21m (59-68ft)
Inserted/Added by: devoceandiving

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Dive site Anchor is a long stretch of reef with the southern part being the most interesting. The reef is very pretty with lots of interesting nooks and crannies to look into. The fish such as the Red Fang Trigger Fish, Emperor Angelfish, Yellowback Fusilier, Coral Rock-Cod and many Sea Goldies, often come together at the southern area facing the current. There are a lot of hard and soft corals to look at as well as the odd Anemone and its Clown Fish or family of Domino Fish.

Named after an anchor that lies sprawled across the reef. At the inshore side is a small ledge that runs along part of the reef. Along the ledge you will be sure to find the Trumpet Fish, the Raggy Scorpionfish and the Short Spine Porcupinefish. There have been sightings of the Crocodile Fish but are very difficult to identify. During Whale season this part of the reef system comes alive with their songs.

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