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The house reef of Ponta do Ouro is Doodles offering a wide variety of fish, underwater topography and suitable for all level of divers.

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Doodles consists of sandstone with very little hard coral, but more soft coral and sponges as decorations. This house reef is by far the busiest reef in Ponta Do Ouro, with many dive trainees but wicked for professional divers as well. Annually this reef is invaded by maas banker, scads and similar small pelagic fish, to the point that when diving here one can't see the reef for all the fish. This abundance of food attracts various game fish and shark species.

You can find King and Queen Mackerel, Kingfish, Cobia, Queen Fish and Tuna. The sharks most seen here are Zambezi or Bull Sharks. Huge Honeycomb Rays, Sand Sharks and Potato Bass are also in attendance for the feast. Scorpion and Devil Fire Fish lie swaying in the current while the whole "sky" above you is just a multitude of fish, racing and darting, from side to side to escape becoming dinner. If the schools of fish become too much for you, go find the friendly Moray with which to entertain yourself. Believe us: all you would want to do is sit in the sand and watch the food chain in action!

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- Kaya Kweru Resort, Plot 385, Ponta D'ouro

Kaya Kweru Resort

Kaya Kweru Resort
+258 21 75 84 03
 Plot 385
Ponta D'ouro

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