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Robert Forrester
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The deeper, more advanced dive site Stalin, offers plenty of marine life in hiding places and small caves for those who search for it.

Name Dive Site:Stalin
Depth: 15-30m (49-98ft)
Inserted/Added by: barrareef

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Dive site Stalin is a flat reef on top with ridges along its eastern side. There are also some small overhangs that form small caves. It is a deeper dive for the more advanced diver. On the reef, there is very little sea life, but on the side along the edges most of the tropical fish hides in the holes and small caves. The Triggerfish especially, can be found sleeping in the hollows. A Round Ribbontail Ray and a Banded Cleaner Shrimp were getting acquainted in one of the many overhangs. Various types of Starfish and small crabs can be found on this reef. The coral in this area consist of various kinds of hard coral like Staghorn coral and Plate coral. The soft coral includes Porous coral, Anemones, Thistle coral and Fleshy soft coral. Be on the lookout for schools of game fish passing by in the mid-water.

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