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Diving at dive site Simon's Town

Name Dive Site:Simon's Town
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This reef has stunning topography, with huge pillars of rock coming up 8m from the floor, with lots of surrounding life and colour. Goldies and Wrasse are all around them as well as large shoals of Snappers, Fusiliers, and Bigeyes. The reef has deep gullies and holes that head off in all directions. So you must look in each hole and swim along each gully looking for colourful Nudibranchs, Lizardfish, Flutemouth and Goatfish to name a few. This is a very cool dive for the shoals of game fish, so you must remember to look up to see the Barracuda and Kingfish and sometimes, in season, Whale Sharks fly overhead.

General Info: This is a very gentle and interesting dive, perfect for a slow and relaxing first foray into the waters of Mozambique.

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