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Robert Forrester
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Wayne's World is a deep reef with a great swimthrough and popular for game fish and resident potato bass.

Name Dive Site:Wayne's World
Depth: 20-25m (65-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: devoceandiving

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Wayne's World is part of the Malongane's deep reef system, laying in 25m of water. It has a large swimthrough and more often than not you will find the resident Potato Bass lurking in the shadows. The Frog Fish finds this reef attractive and you might even see them swimming around. The reef itself is covered in Warty Bush Coral as well as Maze Coral and you will find the Zebra Moray hiding with only a small part of its body showing. Keep an eye out overhead for the Manta Ray that on the odd occasion might swim past.

The game fish such as Wahoo and King or Queen Mackerel like this area. The common Kingfish dart in and out of the reef looking for an unaware victim. Egg Shell Cowries are very common along this stretch of reef and are very pretty to look at with the bright yellow dots against the black of the mantle. Off to the side of the reef is a ledge that houses the Torpedo Ray or the Marbled Electric Ray which if aggravated gives off a nasty 200-volt discharge. You may find the small Sailfin Leaf Fish swaying in the surge. Striped Eel Catfish like to hide in the ledges and share their space with the aggressive Black Cheek Eel, as well as the Cleaner Shrimp.

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