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Diving at dive site Pemba Dive House Reef

Name Dive Site:Pemba Dive House Reef
Depth: 3-15m (9-49ft)
Visibility: 3-15m (9-49ft)
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The warm calm water at Pemba Dive House reef is the perfect playground to try out diving for the first time with shore entry, orientation, training and pool skills. A walk in entry will take you to a beautiful reef that lays just offshore. Imagine doing your pool skills in an aquarium next to the reef. An aquarium of soft and hard coral surrounded by sea grass making playground for Banded Pipefish, Shrimp fishes, Snake Eels, Damsels, Goldies, Chocolate Dips and many more to take your attention off all the new gear.

During spring tides it is a favourite for snorkeling at 3m. The reefs create a perfect introduction to those seeking adventure. Rare sightings include Sea Moth. Great macro species are Pipe fishes and Razor Shrimp Fish. But you can also spot Fairy Basslets, Damsels, Trumpet Fish, Salt and Pepper Moray Eel, Snake Eels, Lizard Fish, Blue spotted Ray and Paperfish just to name a few.

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