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Robert Forrester
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The huge coral reef Texas is known for its colorful corals, excellent caves and many tiny creatures.

Name Dive Site:Texas
Depth: 9-20m (29-65ft)
Accessibility: Shore, Boat
Inserted/Added by: devoceandiving

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Texas is, as the name says, a huge coral reef, starting at about 9m and ending in the sand at about 20m. From about 15m the reef is predominately flat and gently slopes down to the sand, but the inshore side consists of broken reef with drop-offs, overhangs and caves.

One of the prettier dives, Texas is for the "micro" diver who loves their coral and reef fish species. One dive will not be enough to see the beauty of this reef. Highlight of a dive on Texas are the caves and overhangs, which by coral reef standards are quite extensive. Stag Horn, Plate and Table Coral are just a few of the coral species that hide a variety of Eels, Rays and Juvenile Fish. As the depth is quite shallow, it leaves the diver adequate time to explore this wonderland of soft colored Giant Clams, a multitude of Nudibranchs, eloquent Feather Stars and Eggshell Cowries. Its proximity to the beach does not allow for this reef to be dived when a big swell is running.

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