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The Manta Coast at Praya do Tofo and Inhambane is the place to be for scuba diving with these huge graceful plankton eaters.

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Although there are manta rays to be found all around the coast, seaside resort towns such as Morrumbene and the Ponto de Barra peninsula with Praya do Tofo and Guinjata Bay are especially popular. Inhambane is the most touristic province in Mozambique offering from simple family style holidays up to personal scuba diving trips and honeymoons. The main town is Maxixe, situated across the bay of historic Inhambane City. Traditional dhows are used as ferries and fishing trawlers and remember at it once thriving economy with merchants from around the world. To the east of Inhambane, lies Praya do Tofo or Tofo Beach. Tofo is a popular sheltered destination attractive for backpackers with fantastic beaches and swaying coconut palm trees. Tofino is its smaller sister known for its great surfing beaches.

Apart from the friendly Mozambique people and breathtaking scenery, the region is fast becoming world famous for its spectacular diving. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are teeming with more than 1000 different species of fish and the reefs are pristine. The diving here in Mozambique compares with some of the best in the world and is still a relatively well-kept secret. From the awesome sightings of Manta Rays, Dolphins, Turtles, Whale sharks and Humpback Whales to the sought after Harlequin Shrimp, Frogfish and Sea Horses - there is something to please everyone. The dive site that has named this region the Manta Coast is Manta Reef, just south of Praya do Tofo. This reef offers nutrient waters, three-manta cleaner stations and regular year-round sightings of manta rays.

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