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Robert Forrester
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Diving at dive site Praia da Rocha, Beach of Rocks

Name Dive Site:Praia da Rocha, Beach of Rocks
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The reef Praia da Rocha (Praia de Rocha or Beach of Rocks) is made up of lots of huge pinnacles of rock, scattered about like upturned bowling pins, and covered with lots of colourful hard and soft corals. Some of the rocks are close enough to each other that they form a labyrinth of swim thru's and gullies, which add to the Indiana Jones style adventure of this dive. There are caves to look into for Devil Firefish, Cleaner Shrimp and Crayfish. And all the usual tropical reef fish suspects are found here. If you look in the nooks and crannies you'll find Spanish Dancers, multicoloured Nudibranches, Geometric and Zebra morays, and under overhangs and ledges you may find reef sharks, large spiny Lobster, Octopus and Squid.

General info: This is a very fun dive site that you can explore to you hearts content because of its diver friendly depth and it's suitability for all levels of experience! This site is also ideal for photographers, because of the light and because no one's going anywhere! However we don't dive here if there's a large swell as surge can take the shine off the fun stuff.

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