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Robert Forrester
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Diving at dive site Office

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This dive site brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘this is my office' and our divemasters love it! The topography is reminiscent of Manta Reef and Office even has its own Manta cleaning station, so encounters with Manta's are very common.

The actual site is a rock shelf that rises from the sea floor 70metres below. And our Northern drop puts us at the top of a 3m high, huge ‘S' shaped wall. This wall has ledges and overhangs that provide homes to huge resident Honeycomb Moray, Turtle and Potato Bass. Pinnacles of rock also jut out from the wall where multitudes of Goldies, Butterfly fish and Moorish Idols congregate to add lots of moving colour! At the bottom of the ‘S', three huge rocks come up from the sand, and provide you divers with slim gullies and crevices to swim through while looking for Devil Firefish and sleeping White tip and Black tip reef sharks. We have also seen the rarely spotted Bowmouth Guitar and Leopard Sharks at this reef and you must also look out for two very inquisitive Old Woman Angelfish who come up very close to check you out then follow you on your dive playing in your bubble trail!

General info:This dive usually has a north/south current that varies between slight and express, so you will be thoroughly briefed on negative entry and drift diving procedures, sometimes your visit to the office can be beautiful, quick and lots of fun!

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