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Diving at dive site Buddies Reef

Name Dive Site:Buddies Reef
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This is lovely shallow dive site just down from Anchor Bay, full of fantastic small marine creatures. The reef is flat and oval shaped, but cut through all over the place with channels and gullies, study these for they hide so much life. We've found Paperfish, a juvenile Rockmover wrasse and Emperor Angelfish. Also Periclimenes and Harlequin shrimp are found when you look closely.

We drop onto the southern edge of Buddies and start swimming slowly round and north. All over the reef are masses of Dusky Sweepers, they hover like a huge cloud and you can actually swim through them, they just part gently to let you pass. There is also a specific crack where you find five Longfin Batfish, they can be quite inquisitive and come up close even nibbling on our buoy-line once! Towards the end of the dive you come to a massive area covered in Daisy coral, a real underwater field of Daisies! It is a stunning sight with Chocolate dips, Domino's, Goldies and Butterfly fish all over and in and between the coral. We love this dive and use it for training and for ocean night dives.

General info: This is a very gentle site, suitable for all experience levels. We have placed a permanent block on the sand to attach a buoy, for DSD and Open Water training. We can also dive here when other sites are adversely affected by sea conditions because currents or surge do not usually affect it.

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Name: barrareef

Buddies Reef is a reef that lays parallel to the shore and consists of two rock banks that has a strip of sand in between separating the reef at some places. It is a nice dive for the beginner and is excellent for a night dive because it is close to shore and relatively shallow. The tops of the reefs are broken but in between the crevices the reef is blossoming. There are lots of juvenile reef fish and some rare fish found in the small caves and overhangs. We found a White Paperfish, Brown Rockmover wrasse and various kinds of Stonefish were spotted camouflaging themselves on the reef. A Peacock Mantis Shrimp was spotted during brought daylight and at night different kinds of Crayfish, Sea Cucumbers and a rare Tropical Flounder was seen on one of the rocks. The coral are mostly broken but to make up for that there are various kinds of Anemones and Polyp coral. We even found Daisy coral in a soft pink and Fleshy soft coral in some places. Interesting sea creatures can be found when taking time to look in all the small places.

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